Why I think premiership footballers are not overpaid

I have been supporting Chelsea Football Club since 1966 when I saw my first game.  I have endured great moments and some incredible lows when the team I love were almost relegated to the 3rd division in the 1980s.

Even people who have no interest in football will know that Chelsea are now one of the most successful clubs in the world and the last few years have been a great time to be a Chelsea fan as we have won almost every competition, seen some of the world’s truly great players and been continually entertained.  Even when I went to Moscow for the Champions league final last May and saw Chelsea lose, I still had a wonderful experience.

Premiership football is at least to its followers, more than just a sport.  If anything it’s a religion with the glorious stadiums that have been built over the years their cathedrals, churches, mosques and synagogues.

Without doubt, premiership footballers are paid a considerable sum of money and some don’t deserve it.  However, they probably don’t earn more than top bankers and pop stars.

I know in these difficult times, it is probably not very PC to be coming out in favour of huge salaries to what to many are simply overpaid louts, but I for one have no problem with it. Our premiership football league is now the envy of the world and has produced English winners of the champions league on a regular basis.

Football is the national sport and gives many great pleasure. However, despite my contention that premiership footballers are not overpaid, we should not think for one moment that they are completely immune from recession. Many top clubs have already announced that they will not be buying any new players in the next transfer window and I suspect that some will be trimming their squads at the end of the season.