What is it about politicians

I recently saw David Cameron interviewed on the Andrew Marr programme announcing how a future Conservative government would take steps to speed up the process for new businesses to get started. 

The interview, in which  he made reference to the fact that it ‘takes 14 days for a new business to get started’, has been quite widely reported online.

I am not exactly sure what he meant by “get started”, but I know from first hand experience that we are forming many hundreds of companies per week in less than 3 hours.

Our Companies Made Simple site has formed well over 100,000 companies since its inception and it seems obvious to me that Mr Cameron has either been misinformed, or meant something else.

This is a purely non-political post, but it does often occur to me that politicians as a rule tend to speak a lot on areas about which they know very little. 

The Small Business minister in the current government has demonstrated in numerous ways her lack of real understanding of the small business sector and I do hope and pray that a potential future Conservative government is not going to follow the same pattern.

I took the liberty of emailing Mr Cameron, but I am still awaiting a reply – watch this space.