What is a small company? (2)

Further to my earlier post, So what is a small business?, I took the liberty of writing to the MD of Best Companies complaining about the matters I blogged about, particularly the exclusion of companies with less than 50 employees.  The MD, Jonathan Austin, to his credit, telephoned me within a matter of hours to explain the reasoning behind the situation.

Part of the explanation related to the cost benefit of dealing with smaller businesses so that the cost of processing and validating their surveys is probably greater than the revenue they receive for them.

Perhaps the more relevant argument that he put forward was that they find in smaller companies, the surveys can be manipulated by employers just trying to get on the list and it’s difficult for them to appropriately validate the results.

He concurred with me about my general point relating to small businesses and I was grateful for the call.

Ultimately, his company aims to try and play a part in improving the workplace environment for employees around the country and for that he has to be applauded.