Westbury & Made Simple Group train for the Resolution Run

There’s just a few days to go before Westbury and the Made Simple Group put their best feet forward and take part in the Resolution Run in Hyde Park. The team have been putting in training sessions after leaving the office in the evenings and swapping those Sunday lie-ins for jogs round the park.

Personally I’ve had to put in a lot more work than I was expecting to! Having originally planned to stroll my way around the track, I was surprised when I spoke to my highly competitive colleagues who were taking their fitness management very seriously. I realised that I probably needed to step-up my non-existent game. I decided the best place to start was by taking a glance at the proposed training schedules that are up on the Resolution Run website. For the keen runners, one would assume that these charts are succinct little regimes. However, for myself this was hard evidence that there was no way I could blag my way through a run!

My first step was to take advice from my colleague Ella; a member of the Audit team. I knew that in the past she had taken part in two charity runs and three half marathons. In order to get back to her usual form to do her 15k, she joined her local running club.. Much to my dismay, her first orders were that we go on a jog the next evening. I was quite nervous about setting off but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of our session. Not only did I learn that I wouldn’t fail at completing my 5k, I was also able to gauge a comfortable steady pace that I could take. Since then I have gone for a run twice a week and done some form of exercise every day. I am in no way kidding myself into thinking that I’ll be speeding round the park, but I am happy in the knowledge that I won’t be crawling through the finish line in tears. Putting ones pride aside, at the end of the day it’s the taking part that counts. Especially when it’s for such an amazing cause!

The Westbury Runaways & the Made Simple Group will be running/walking for the Stroke Association on Sunday the 13th of October. The event is being held at Hyde Park and kicks off at 11am. All are welcome to come and show support!

There’s also still plenty of time and plenty of ways to sponsor the team. We would be grateful for any donations that we raise.

Rehana Khan – Head of Social Committee

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