Westbury Gives Away Their Lunch on Mitzvah Day


Westbury has added their support to St Mungo’s, a local charity, by giving away their lunch last Friday.  We joined the Mitzvah Day project inspired by the Jewish tradition of doing a good deed for others.

In the Jewish Chronicle, David Cameron recently said, “This year Mitzvah day is forming part of A Year of Service, highlighting the many community initiatives put on by people of all faiths. This great idea is joining together communities right across the UK.”

A few of the Westbury team took the donations of food to The Lodge at St Ursula in Holborn. We were met by Isaura, the Manager, who showed us into the building having gratefully received the food items.  The food was arranged on a large dining table already full with a selection of exotic fruits and everyday foodstuffs

Isaura explained that The Lodge is B&B style accommodation specifically aimed at helping long-term, older rough sleepers, some of whom may have been on the streets for decades.

The accommodation gives homeless older people the opportunity to become independent and support themselves, increasing their chances of staying off the streets. Many homeless people have issues such as alcohol dependency and other health issues, and The Lodge allows them to receive the help they need whilst gradually enabling them to support themselves.

We chatted to a few of the guests who spoke of their time at The Lodge and how it had changed their lives for the better.

We thanked Isaura for her time and hoped to meet up soon. It was time to leave but before we did we took a few photos to remember our visit.

Elizabeth Colquhoun and Maureen Lock

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