Vivid Light exhibition

Thursday the 6th of February saw a cold, rainy night of travel dilemmas for most Londoners but for a precious few there was the warmth of Allan Forsyth’s solo exhibition opening at the Gallery Elena Shchukina.  The bold colours and delicate palettes of Forsyth’s pieces perfectly complemented the bespoke designer furniture chosen by the curator and gallery owner, Elena Shchukina.

Forsyth’s distinct, striking works reflect the drama of nature through a range of techniques including analogue and digital exposures, computer generated imagery and photograms. Light plays a vital role in Forsyth’s pieces, it fills his subjects – be they flora or fauna (taxidermy included) – with energy or tranquillity. An evening spent in the presence of his works was a most enjoyable experience and a highly recommended one too.

Showing from the 6th of February until the 28th of March, the exhibition is well suited to the spring weather outside with its bright florals and beautiful animal imagery. One of the star pieces of Forsyth’s collection, Pride & Glory, Roebuck (pictured) was quickly acquired at the opening.  For this piece, the artist purchased a mounted Roebuck head and merged one hundred and eighty photographs of the piece using a 3D lenticular lens. The effect is truly breath-taking and leaves the viewer feeling a strange mixture of closeness and distance with nature, the 3D lens gives the appearance of a real mounted Roebuck head within a frame.

The exhibition itself is a beautiful journey into the vibrant variety of nature. Each work offers an opportunity to stop and consider a different aspect of art and nature. The space at Gallery Elena Shchukina is warm and light, it provides the perfect backdrop for the power of Allan Forsyth’s works to shine, and that they do. Vividly.

Gallery Elena Shchukina