Typing Shortcuts And Tips on Using Word

Following on from our very successful blog post “7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know!”, we have a few more tips and shortcuts for you.

On the top right-hand corner of a Word document below the toolbars can be found an icon which, when you hover the mouse over it, reads; “View Ruler“. Clicking on this icon will produce rulers marked on the top and left-hand side of the document.  This ruler enables you to change margins and tabs manually.

Right-clicking in the document will give various options amongst which is the paragraph which will also allow you to change margins and tabs as well as alignment, which can be seen in the Paragraph section of the toolbar. With this you can justify, align to the right or left or centre your current text or parts of the document highlighted.

  • Ctrl + l Aligns the text to the left.
  • Ctrl + r Aligns the text to the right.
  • Ctrl + e Centres the words, sentence or paragraph, you’re currently typing.
  • Ctrl + j Justifies the text, i.e. evens the right and left margins and not literally justifying it, otherwise we might be in trouble.
  • Ctrl + k Insert Hyperlink box appears.
  • Ctrl + m Moves the line or paragraph you’re working on along to the next tab. If you highlight the document (Ctrl + a), then press Ctrl m, the whole document will move one tab along, giving a wider margin.
  • A double-click on one word highlights it.
  • A triple-click highlights the whole paragraph.
  • Ctrl + O opens the folders for you to choose which document to work on.
  • Ctrl + N gives a new blank page in another tab (i.e. you haven’t lost those documents you’re already in – they’re in other tabs at the foot.
  • Ctrl & Enter gives a new sheet below your document.
  • Ctrl + S saves your document.
  • Ctrl + W closes the document. You should then get a reminder to save your document.

Happy Typing!

Maureen Lock – Secretary

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