Try thinking about it

Many of you who know me will know that I am a founder member of Clerkenwell BNI, a networking organisation that started almost 12 years ago.

BNI is a business networking organisation that meets on a weekly basis providing genuine leads to its members.

Every week at our meetings, one of the members presents a 10 minute talk on their business as a way of educating the other members and identifying the type of referrals that they are seeking.

This week it’s my turn and I have been preparing for this.

Because this is my 12th year in the group, it is not easy finding a new angle to spend 10 minutes talking about.  However, as I sat down and did some thinking, I was able to come up with a number of difference slants and ideas that were new and it made me realise how important the thinking process is.

How often do you as a business person get the time to really sit down and think about your business?  If you had to do a 10 minute presentation to 30 or 35 people – a genuine “elevator pitch” – what would  you come up with.  The process of preparing this presentation has I feel been more beneficial than the presentation itself will be.  The same goes for generally spending time thinking about your business.  Too many of us spend too much time simply continually doing the same things we’ve done year in year out.  Objective thinking about what you do, your processes and systems, you unique selling points –  all of these can only help you create a better operation.

If you are looking for inspiration in these difficult times, my tip to you is spend some time thinking.