They’re digging up the road again

They are digging up the road again outside my office.  Apart from the noise, dust and traffic disruption, all of which are a real pain, it causes me personally great irritation and annoyance particularly with the knowledge that this is about the 5th time they have dug up this section of road in the last 12 months. 

Much as it gives me some pleasure to see people gainfully employed particularly in these difficult times, I don’t see why St John Street in EC1 should on its own solve the unemployment problem.  Of course, in reality, the truth is that they seem to be digging up half of London at the moment.  It may be something to do with the fact that it’s fast approaching the end of the financial year and many local authorities are probably trying to use up their budgets.  However, me being the cynic and sceptic that I am, I think it owes as much to budgetary planning as it does to bad management.  How can the same bit of road be dug up so many times for different services.

I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again.  In a city really only built for coach and horses in the Victorian era, where traffic, despite the congestion charge, is a major problem, it makes no sense to have half of the roads constantly being worked on.

  There must be some way of co-ordinating this activity.  In a previous post, I jokingly suggested that there should be a Ministry for Holes in the Road.  I now think it’s not such a joke, but a necessity.  The costs of constantly digging up roads and filling them in again and the disruption it causes just can’t be justified.

Incidentally, I noted on the roadwork’s a telephone number for any suggestions or complaints.  I went to the trouble to telephone it, but there was no reply.  I am not sure what that says.  Perhaps someone was digging up the road and cut through their phone line.