The Rise of the Underdogs – Biggest is not always the best!

‘The Olympic super Saturday’ as one may remember it, is not going to be forgotten anytime soon. The classic Mobot, the flawless six pack smiling poster girl and the super confident long jumping Rutherford brought it that night and created Olympic history.
They clearly surprised the world with their splendid performance on the medals table. But did Team GB start as favourites? Was Britain expecting 65 medals in the games? Were you? Yes the more popular donned their Union Jack sweatshirts on the podium but so did the ones that did not even feature on the hopefuls list. These underdogs rose to the occasion and kept that table ticking for us.

Underdog stories have always fascinated us. Every one of us has rooted for underdogs at some time or other. Remember Virgin v/s BA in the 90’s? Anybody who does would see what I am getting at. Small businesses have always felt the weight of the larger ones due to many reasons we know. But how does a small business run this race?

With size come the advantages and so does a whole package of things, which entrepreneurs do not want to get into when they are growing. However a small business has a lot more to grab from the basket than a large and slow competitor.

The questions a small business needs to ask are:

  • What is our market potential i.e. how good can we be? What’s our unique offering and speciality?
  • Are we doing the best we can? If not, then why not?

These are some of the first questions that a small business needs to answer to be able to survive. It is not how good your competition is, it is how good you can be.
It is like a 100 meters athlete who starts off the blocks looking down. In the first 50 meters they aren’t even aware who’s where, and if they have given it their all they are cruising down that victory line. Examples can be drawn from many of those athletes who surpassed all expectations to win Gold. Underdogs?

Aditya Dilipkumar – Audit Team

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