The importance of saving for your retirement

It should be apparent that saving is an incredibly important part of the retirement planning process. While pension funds are tax-efficient ways to fund your retirement, there are other options for those looking to maximise their savings.


Cash ISAs do not charge tax on the interest earned from savings, allowing savers in the basic rate to avoid a 20% charge and higher rate taxpayers to avoid income tax at 40%. The current annual limit for ISAs is £15,240.


NS&I is government-backed and offers tax-efficient long-term savings funds. Some of the products pay interest that is taxable while others are tax free.


Investing can be a way to get a bigger return than you would through the methods listed above, but investing carries a risk that you may not make a big return or lose your money. Investing is a complicated area and it is always wise to seek the advice of a professional before committing any of your money.

The decisions you make today will affect the life you are able to live in retirement. Our expert team can help you define your goals and create a workable strategy to achieve them.

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