The humorous side of company formations

When choosing a name for a company, you might just think that any old name would do and our clients do sometimes say, “you choose”.  Just occasionally I do!

I asked a client what their surname was and suggested that I name the company with my first name and their surname.  Ok.  All was well until I found it was also the name of a newspaper science columnist and an esteemed member of the peerage. This was before the days of Facebook and LinkedIn which now show that there are at least another 25 “professionals” with the name I used.  The company didn’t last, I always wondered if they were told to go away.

One that was told to go away

I formed a company called Virgin Recruitment Ltd, it may conjure up all manner of wild thoughts, but it was to be the perfectly legitimate branch of an existing recruitment agency for first time employees.  Within two weeks, Richard Branson’s solicitors sent a letter demanding that the company be dissolved or at least the name changed; that company died the death.  The name has appeared twice more and the current one is owned by the Virgin Group!  It was probably cheaper than sending all the solicitor letters.

Odd names

I suggest that the most used number in company names is 8. I have been remuner8ed for cre8ing est8 companies that interrel8 with postd8ed, lightw8, overw8……whatever…….I will stop circumnavig8ing the numerous possibilities.

A company with a strongly religious outlook rang me in a panic after the formation of their company to say they must change the registration number as they could not under any circumstances have a company number ending in 666, what could I do?  I was only able to suggest that they form another company immediately and then do a name swap, which they did and then let the first company dissolve.

Extraordinary Articles of Association

A client wished to form a company with the share capital based on more than 8000 tons of gold.  I took the opportunity of checking with the London Gold Bullion Market to be told that this represented about one quarter of the world supply of gold.  The company has still only filed dormant accounts!

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Adrian Koe – Company Secretary

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