The Future is Bright for London’s Entrepreneurs

Today, more so than ever before, London presents a huge opportunity for effective business leaders and entrepreneurs.

In November 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron, unveiled plans to spawn a “Tech City” throughout East London. The idea was to capitalise on the Olympic Park in Stratford and mirror the world-renowned US model in Silicon Valley.

The games are now over so what is next?  With the exception of a few sporting events scheduled to take place in the future in East London, the focus has now shifted to the expansion of the technology industry.

You may think that entrepreneurs in the London hub may never compete with the unrivalled success of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Think again! Steve Jobs started Apple with his comrade Steve Wozniak in his garage. Similarly, Microsoft started by Bill Gates as a tiny company when he dropped out of Harvard. In fact, you can multiply the examples in the high-tech industry of companies starting up from very humble beginnings and turning themselves into giants – Google is a perfect example!

For all those aspiring to be the business leaders of the future, embrace London and all the opportunities it has to offer. Thanks to a truly multicultural character united by the use of the English language, your business has the potential to thrive!

Feeling inspired?

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Elizabeth Zeisel – Audit Team

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