The Art is on the Wall

As a London Accountancy firm close to ‘happening East London’ – perhaps we’ve been subliminally influenced by the street artists that operate all around us.

About a year ago now, we decided to fill the walls (of initially our boardroom) with a range of art – kindly loaned to us by John Brandler Galleries.

The pieces we show vary and are a true reflection of the cross section of fine art and street or graffiti art typical of the gallery that kindly supplies them to us.

Our appetite for great pieces means that the likes of Banksy, Hirst and Swoon have left the restraints of our boardroom and now permeate the entire office.

We love art

As a practice we’re passionate about art – and one of the sectors we have significant experience of working with is indeed artists and galleries, with a healthy number of our clients falling into these categories.

Artists often need business development advice and sound tax advice as to the treatment of taking what was potentially once a ‘hobby’ into a fully fledged business – and galleries and art dealers are keen to better understand the intricacies of best practice when managing artists – and of course, the general financial upkeep of their galleries.

Therefore, showcasing art throughout our offices isn’t merely posturing – but also assists works for clients.

The piece above titled, JFK Nightmare by acclaimed and still up and coming street artist ‘Pure Evil’ (who you may recall was much sought after in the recent The Apprentice series) whilst it wasn’t hanging in our office – a contact who saw that we showcased similar artists and asked whether our Gallerist ‘had any Pure Evil’s’ – and sure enough, a quick call to John Brandler Galleries and no less than 5 pieces were purchased.

If the walls of your offices are bare and you’re not sure what to do with them, perhaps you too could take a leaf out of our book and consider partnering with a gallery or local artist to showcase their wares.  It provides interesting artwork for you and of course, another means of promotion for the artist or gallery.

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