What clients have to say about us


Christo Print and Design Ltd

My partner at Westbury for the last 10 years has been Ratan Lele and it has been great having him provide the necessary support (on both business and personal financial matters) over the years. Ratan is responsive, authoritative and clear in his advice and always willing to help. Based of my own experience of the firm, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Westbury.
David Osrin

Andy Gittins and Westbury have provided us with an excellent service over the last two years. Clear and straightforward advice; proactive approach; swift response and (so far) they have never failed to provide useful advice whenever asked a question.
Marcus Kirby

“I am a new customer. I found the service friendly, efficient, wonderfully free of bureaucracy and straightforward. When there were technical questions to be answered, I felt that there was sufficient breadth of expertise in the team to deal with it. Just what I was searching for in an accountancy firm.”
Sian Liwicki

“Having a great accountant behind you gives you the ability to make decisions and move forward with confidence. Ratan and the team and Westbury have done that for us during our transition from one business to another. Having previously had a bad experience makes us appreciate the competence and advice from Westbury all the more. Westbury truly are an extension to our business and one we would not do without.”
Paul Bean, Delivery of Thought

I needed very specific advice and Andy referred me to a specialist in the firm who provided clear and effective guidance. In my experience, Westbury are always approachable, accessible and flexible.”
Karen B

We transferred our accounts to the very special hands of Ratan Lele at Westbury in April 2010 and we’ve never looked back. The service is second to none – professional, down-to-earth advice that’s personal and genuine. It’s as though we have an in house accountant. Thank you Ratan.” 
Danielle and Paul, Studio This &That

I wrote to you in 2008 telling you what a difference your help had made to the company and I feel it is time to bring it up to date. At that point John was seriously ill and it was a great relief to have my financial worries answered by you without having to worry John. Since he died you have been ‘life saving’. It is wonderful to feel that I can pick up the phone if I need advice and speak to you and get the advice I am looking for.You have no idea the difference it has made both to our company and my life.

On a less dramatic note but one for which I am equally grateful – When you took over our Payroll details that was also a weight off my shoulders and it has been amazingly smooth and trouble free. Thank you to you and Westbury!

Thank you for your ability to make me feel I am doing well even though it must be through gritted teeth at times. Please continue to look after the gallery in this way I think both my staff and certainly I know I do, appreciate you enormously. I will continue to sing your praises to all my friends and colleagues and I hope that this may result in some new clients for Westbury.” 
Jill Hutchins, Curwen & New Academy Gallery

“Always, reliable, accurate and a pleasure to speak to…provide an excellent and highly personal service. I always get to speak to the person I need to.”
Tony O Connor – Cardinal Advisory

“Since moving our manufacturing and retailing business over to Westbury I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, approach, ability, advice, flexibility and service.”
Stephen Einhorn – Stephen Einhorn Ltd

“As a young entrepreneur the last thing you want to worry about is accounting, tax and VAT matters. Since day one I have been extremely satisfied with the services provided by the team at Westbury. Having worked with them for 4 years now, I am pleased to say that nothing is ever too much trouble, turn around is fast and the patience of the team when being asked the same questions again again is nothing short of brilliant.”
Cassander van Eerd – CloGwork Orange Productions

“For the past 15 years Westbury have always been on hand, working closely with and us advising us on sensible growth management and tax affairs in relation to our multinational group.”
Roby Danon – VoiceVale Ltd

“Having worked with our business for over 20 years, it is without doubt that their tailored advice, attention to detail and high level of service have contributed significantly to the growth of our business and the directors’ well being.”
Neil Minsky – Minsky Developments

“Westbury’s prompt action has contributed to us being able to deal with matters relating to our business and then for us to move on to other things. We hope our relationship will continue for many years to come.”
Malcolm Yale –  Brickman Yale Ltd

“Westbury’s team have a very good understanding of small business matters and have always resolved any problems with our financial matters. And their payroll section is outstanding. I strongly recommend any company to place their financial matters with Westbury.”
John Catling –  UK Barrier Services Ltd

“I really appreciate the peace-of-mind and knowledge that Westbury will prepare my accounts without fuss, properly and professionally, allowing me to take care of my clients and their needs and in so doing, grow my business. What could be better than that? Westbury are a real gem! “
Jan Taljaard – Albert Square Ltd

“It is not an exaggeration to say Westbury are an important part of my business life for it is they I turn to for advice in all my business dealings.”
Gl Big Veg

“Westbury were referred to us for their excellence – and how true that is! Very efficient, sound advice, approachable and extremely helpful at all times. “
Felicia Jepson – Georgina Richards Ltd.

“Running a small business can have many problems, but knowing your accountants are on hand to help certainly makes a big difference.”
Bill Jeckells – Bill Jeckells.com

“I have been a ‘Westbury Client’ for 40 years and what’s impressive is the way that the ‘service ‘ continues to be as ‘personal’ as ever yet the breadth of the services offered continue to grow and be relevant to the ever evolving global commercial world we find ourselves active in .”
Paul White – Frogmore Property Company Ltd

“They are passionate about detail, and thoroughly understand our business, making their advice that much more worthwhile, which in our experience has been a major stumbling block with previous firms we worked with!”
Mike Wills – Backbone UK Ltd

“Having worked with Westbury for over 20 years, the firm has helped me through life’s changes with accountancy and taxation affairs personally and for my consultancy company.”
John Reiss – John Reiss & Associates Ltd

“Innovative and thoroughly professional firm, an invaluable source of financial support and advice in times of increasing regulatory complexity.”
Alan Catherall

“Excellent service, competitively priced.”
Lawrence Gould

“Straightforward, down-to-earth advice, always delivered in a friendly and open way, and at reasonable cost. They make an important contribution to the success of our business.”
Bev Fitzgerald

“As a small business it has been paramount for me to have access to a wealth of experience that is affordable and to be able to call on that experience without feeling that my business was too small.”
Chris Thompson – Thompson Associates (UK) Ltd

“It was only after Westbury started helping us out that life began to be “fun” again .When Westbury took over our Payroll details, that was such a weight off my shoulders and has been amazingly smooth and trouble free. “
Jill Hutchings – Curwen & New Academy Gallery.