Team Building for Wimps

My team in the Made Simple Group have suggested to me a team building day out.  They are even happy to do it at a weekend.  Ideas suggested involve ropes, paintball, mud and water and other things that really don’t appeal to me.

This whole team building thing is a bit of an anathema to me.  Do you really need to shoot paint pellets at each other to create morale.  There was once a time when a good evening down the pub did much the same thing.

My mind went back to a story I once heard of a team building exercise in one of the big firms of accountants.  Paint-balling was indeed the plan of action and splitting their teams and dressed in their fatigues, they went round a part of the Essex countryside defending particular areas and shooting each other with yellow paint.

Unfortunately, one of the secretaries in one of the teams didn’t fully understand the rules that once hit she had to play dead.  The result of which was that she was then shot at with multiple bursts by a number of other team members resulting in her eventually being carted off to hospital.  The whole incident ended in an argument between two different groups in the office and by the time everyone was back on the coach, no one was speaking to each other.  The partners decided sensibly to let everyone make their way home instead of going to the pub as the mood was so sour and it took about three weeks in the office before the main combatants spoke to one another again.  So much for team building.

Anyway, I’ve just received the latest email involving swinging on ropes across muddy water somewhere out in the country and it conjures up disastrous images in my mind.  I am going to suggest trivial pursuit, a pint in the pub and an early night.  I’ll let you know how I get on.