Talk about a U-turn

The government has announced that the post of the Enterprise Czar has been scrapped following Lord Young’s recent resignation from the position over his comments about the recession.

The original announcement of the establishment of such a position would seem by many as a laudable move that might result in something positive for small businesses.  Whether or not Lord Young was the right person for the post, there can be no doubt that he approached the position with some gusto and who knows what might have transpired.

The decision to scrap the position so soon after first announcing it is an astonishing u-turn.  Are Mark Prisk and Vince Cable so under-employed at the moment that they feel they can take this position on as well.  Furthermore, the whole point of the Enterprise Czar was supposed to provide a measure of independence.

I really feel for small businesses at the moment.  A combination of a complete lack of support from government, abandonment by the banks and the foul weather hardly make a great recipe for economic prosperity.

Whether or not the government small business team led by Mark Prisk can re-invigorate the sector is a matter of debate, but a failure to replace Lord Young has got to be viewed as a bit of an own goal and does nothing to restore small business confidence in government.

Despite all the talk of support for the sector, the reality is that once again, small businesses are being left to look after themselves whilst their larger counterparts have the power and influence to really get things done.