Our summer team building event

This year, the newly formed Social Committee took the reigns from Nicky Padden in organising Westbury’s summer event.  We decided to take the team on a treasure hunt round the West End, followed by dinner.  We have some new employees and this would be the perfect way to bond and build some team spirit.

By lunch-time on Monday, everyone seemed quietly excited about the evening’s plans. A few of my colleagues attempted to prise information from me and refused to believe that I was as much in the dark about the treasure hunt as the rest of the team! At half 4 all was revealed in our briefing by the company’s co-ordinator Keith.  The event had all been set up for us by ActiveFootprint – a company that I can now highly recommend!

On Your Marks
We were handed our clipboards, camera, map and question sheets and told that we were to make our way into the West End. Although, we were told it was not a race, my team completely ignored this instruction. Choosing instead to bolt out of the office as soon as we had worked out the place names and our plan of action. Most of the other teams were lucky enough to have a Westbury Partner with a car. However, we were stuck with good old London public transport and waited for a bus. There were six in our team, so we had ruled out a cab. Until…a Monday miracle occurred…a six seater black cab! We jumped in and headed for the furthest point from the finish line.  Another team had other ideas, and found Boris Bikes.

summer team building event

summer team building event 1

Think Fast
There were a number of items that we had to collect. Two inventive examples of ‘An interesting legal document’ were:
A Jack Wills leaflet, and a contract written on a napkin, binding a member of staff to Westbury for life.

Snap Happy
In order to complete the photo challenges, my team spent a large portion of our time failing to hunt down celebs. We even attempted to get back stage at a theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue to see if Anna Chancellor fancied a quick photo op. However, in the end most settled on gathering round film posters.  We also had to cram ourselves into a phone box – most of which were absolutely filthy.

summer team building event 2Finish Line
When we all arrived at the restaurant in Covent Garden for the award giving ceremony, we were all still in high spirits (albeit starving). From the slideshow, it was clear that everyone had really made an effort to get involved. The losers were given the standard wooden spoon and the champs gold medals. Overall, the whole firm struck a great balance between camaraderie and competitiveness!

summer team building event 3

Rehana Khan – Administrative Assistant

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