One Man Crusade

Whilst some of my posts seem to share some of the doom and gloom in the media and on the discussion boards, I really am on a crusade to try and raise business confidence.

I have said before that I feel that the problem, and to that extent the solution, is rooted in consumer confidence.  Let’s face it; the consumer all over the world has stopped buying, particularly high ticket items.  Economists tell us that part of the reason for this is market saturation. How many flat screen TVs can one household have etc. etc.  I don’t accept this.  I think people have stopped buying, because they are concerned and uncertain about the future and are conserving cash and I understand this. 

Consumers were told by the media that a recession was coming and they believed it.  It will only be when en masse, the consumer goes out and buys again  economies will start to revive.

Of course, I work at the SME level and here, there appears to be plenty of optimism, activity and seemingly good order books.  Sure if you supply goods or services to the car industry or the banking sector, its probably quite tough.  Similarly if you are a small retail shop on the high street it’s probably very difficult.  But I am still hearing that much of the rest of economy is doing okay for the time being.

In our company formation business, the figures are still much the same as they were last month or for that matter this time last year.  I see the Company House statistics on a weekly basis and new company formations are holding up.  This may not be a sign of economic prosperity, but it does suggest that plenty of people still have sufficient confidence to start new businesses and I fully support that view.

Our site at has not been as busy for some time and company formation as a Google search term is still highly active.

So I say, start being positive.  The glass will always be half full for me, but I need other people to share the same view.  If enough of us spread the word, who knows what can happen.