How to incorporate the Lifetime ISA into your savings strategy.

The past few years have seen several innovations in the savings account market. Gone are the days when savers only had cash and stocks and shares ISAs to choose from. Nowadays you can open specialist accounts designed to help you save for your first home and for your retirement. These innovations have helped to position […]

Proposal to introduce a public register of beneficial ownership

As part of its transparency agenda, the Government is proposing to introduce a public register of beneficial ownership of overseas companies and other entities holding UK property.  The compliance process is likely to be similar to that for people with significant control over UK companies and will involve the creation of a public register providing […]

Investing in small companies

A beginner’s guide to investing in small entities and the available tax reliefs for doing so. Starting a business is rarely glamourous. Many of the globe-straddling behemoths of the business world had low key beginnings. Both Apple and Hewlett-Packard were famously started in their founder’s garages while the mighty Samsung began life as a grocery […]

Improving Cashflow

A guide to maintaining a healthy balance between money coming in and out of your business. If your business does not have a steady stream of money flowing into it, you will be unlikely to be a going concern in 12 months. On the other hand, every business will have regular costs that they have […]