Patent Box: Reducing corporation tax due on patent income.

The patent box regime applies a reduced rate of corporation tax to profits attributable to qualifying patents and similar intellectual property (IP). Unincorporated businesses can’t qualify for the patent box. The patent box tax rate has gradually been reduced to 10% since the introduction of the regime in 2013 (see table). To benefit from this […]


VAT and three-party transactions

A guide to the VAT implications of having three entities involved in a transaction. VAT can get very complicated when there are three parties involved in a transaction. This may happen in an agency situation where one party is arranging for the supply of goods or services in return for a commission, but it can […]


The mysterious techniques of artists

If like me you are passionate about art but confused by much of it and particularly by the mystery of the techniques used by artists then read on. It’s not so much the materials used for example Banksy’s use of walls or Rachel Whiteread’s inverted objects but more the different techniques used by painters. Many are […]

payroll issues

Managing automatic re-enrolment

Once you’ve been running auto-enrolment for three years you’ll need to re-enrol workers. Over the last five years there has been a seismic shift in attitudes towards retirement saving. Auto-enrolment means workplace pensions are now regarded by many employees as a normal part of working life. Although detractors argue that minimum contributions lull people into […]

family home allowance

The family home allowance

Not everyone’s a winner with the recently-introduced residence nil-rate band. Rising property prices have left more families being elevated to millionaire status and dealing with the inheritance tax (IHT) implications that come with it. The Treasury collected £4.6 billion from IHT in 2015/16, compared to £2.69 billion in 2010/11, to reflect a rising year-on-year trend. […]

payroll issues

Payroll issues for employers

A guide for employers on topical payroll issues. Employers need to keep an eye on changes affecting payroll so all employees have the right amount of tax deducted under PAYE. This is a round-up of the latest payroll-related developments. Dynamic coding In July 2017, PAYE tax codes became more refined. Under the new system, known […]


Managing the digital revolution

Making Tax Digital (MTD) will mean most businesses and taxpayers access their tax affairs online through digital tax accounts in the near future. But what impact will MTD have on your business? What is Making Tax Digital? “Tax really doesn’t have to be taxing”, said former chancellor George Osborne as he announced plans at Budget […]