Meet the Partners: Keith Graham

Keith (3)We have a great team of professionals working at Westbury and in our new blog series, Meet the Partners you will get to learn a bit more about them.

We’re starting at the top with Keith Graham, our Managing Partner.

We asked Keith to share with us what he knows to be his greatest strengths.

“I have two strengths, the first being my enjoyment in working with our clients which translates into a passion to listen to what they are doing and a desire to help in any way I can, and the second being my awareness of my limitations, i.e. knowing when to seek more detailed technical knowledge from others.”

Keith is always working, and I know that he has been focusing more on creating a work life balance for himself, so we asked him what he does in his spare time to unwind.

“Whilst sport (mostly watching these days) has always been a key part of my life, and setting aside spending time with my family (particularly my two grand-daughters) my hobby/passion is Contemporary Art. I often attend exhibitions and gallery openings and enjoy knowing what is going on in the Art World”

Keith became a Partner at Westbury in 1982 and Managing Partner in 2000. So he has loads of business experience. We were curious to find out what was the best business advice tip Keith had been given.

It’s not just business advice – it applies to everything:  DO IT NOW

To get in touch with Keith to discuss Art, business, accounting or tax then To get in touch with Keith please contact us.