Meet the Partners: Julian Dabek

We have a great team of professionals working at Westbury and in our new blog series, “Meet the Partners” you will get to learn a bit more about them.

Julian Dabek is our Tax Partner at Westbury. We asked him to tell us what he considers to be really good at.

“I understand all aspects of tax excluding stamp duties and import duties.”

Our hard working Partners work hard, but also play hard.  We asked Julian how he spends his free time.

“Watching football from the comfort of my armchair. I have supported Notts County for 48 years!  And of course, walking the dog.”

Julian has been at Westbury for over 15 years, we were curious to find out what was the best business advice tip Julian had ever been given:

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and don’t touch it with a bargepole!”

To get in touch with Julian Dabek for tax advice please contact us.