‘KASH’ Is King – A Tried and Tested Formula to Achieve Leadership Success

The accountant, as the guardian of a company’s finances, is in a position of strength to observe the key elements to ensuring a successful business venture. There are many ways to achieve this but a strong emphasis on success is built on powerful leadership.

I won’t bore you with MBA style models that many companies seek to implement worldwide. Yet, there is one that summarises best the key components required to attain effective leadership for your growing business. This model is called the “KASH formula”:

  • Knowledge: a strong leader will seek to be familiar with the situations facing their organisation and have typically developed this knowledge through own experiences within their particular field of expertise. Knowledge of your business and financial awareness are both imperative.
  • Attitude: a charismatic leader should strive to exhibit a cocktail of characteristics, including, a positive attitude; confidence; determination to achieve goals and the ability to take hard decisions for the best interests of the business. This requires a unique combination of positive thinking as well as looking at a situation with a balanced yet realistic outlook.
  • Skills: an effective leader will need to implement personal expertise through a certain skillset. The ability to engage with your staff will facilitate a personalised approach that will, in turn, incentivise and motivate. Commanding respect from your team will enhance your leadership role and ultimately assist with the attainment of your business vision.
    As leader, you are the face of your business. Good communication and people skills must extend to all business and professional relationships. Preserving your excellent reputation will protect your business and stimulate long-term growth.
  • Habits: a commanding leader will need to develop a habit of implementing their individual knowledge, attitude and skills. Consistency on your part will encourage your staff to follow your good example.

The “KASH” model is just one tried and tested formula to achieve leadership success. Above all, follow your instincts and develop a leadership philosophy that works for you.

Your business will reap the benefits!

Elizabeth Zeisel – Audit Team

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