How to overcome 3 common Social Media issues

In April of this year, the NYPD launched one of the most disastrous Twitter campaigns to date. The hashtag was set as #myNYPD and it aimed to fill the people of New York with pride for their police force. The results were the exact opposite. People sent in various photos, depicting the NYPD negatively. Amongst these were; officers sleeping on the job and most frequently of police brutality. It won’t come as a shock to you that campaign was quickly pulled.

A promotional campaign turned into the worst kind of press possible! I’m fairly certain that most small businesses won’t encounter such social media horror stories. However, there are a number of problems that you may come across on a daily basis and here are some tips to help you overcome them.

I’ve only just started using Social Media for my business, how do I gain followers and build up a community?

I have recently started assisting with social media at Westbury Accountants. Content is the most vital part of our social strategy. What you publish on your social channels must be captivating enough, that your audience wants to come back for more. You need to ‘feed’ your audience with information that is unique and relevant. The aim of this is to become a trusted source so that our audience share our content and increase our brand recognition.

I want a credible online presence, but don’t want to sound boring?

As an Accountancy firm, we are often branded as a fairly un-dynamic group.  However, by sharing interesting content through our social channels we overcome this unfair judgement. We use social media to share our expertise in a few formats:

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs (Video blogs)
  • Articles from our website
  • Inspiring and entertaining articles from other sources

I have found that it is helpful to have a theme running through the content that I post each week. Capitalising on the visual is imperative, so share or create infographics and use pictures. Our traffic was boosted considerably when we started using eye-catching images in our posts.

How do I find the time to commit to a Social Media programme?

Success through social media is a slow burner. However, once you have cracked the technique it is definitely worth it! By using online software such as and HootSuite you can schedule your content weekly. You must monitor your pages daily and track your analytics. The good news is that the time consuming part can be done at the start of the week and altered if necessary.

Don’t be put off by the scale of it. Start off small and be adaptable, you’ll soon find your way around things. Every company has a personality and Social Media is the perfect platform to show this off.

Rehana Khan

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