How to be more successful in business

What do we mean by “successful”? – you may have your own ideas but most people would agree on at least three things they want:

  • More profit
  • More fun (and less hassle)
  • More life (less time at work!)

Below are a few ideas to help you achieve these:

Identify and systematically measure everything that matters in your business.

Set out who is responsible for what, by when, and who is answerable to whom.

Report your key numbers monthly on a simple “One Page Plan” which is discussed at monthly board meetings. Starting where traditional accounts end this single sheet of paper should compare actual performance to targets in the key areas of the business.

Benchmark your business to others in your industry once a year to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Create an action plan setting out how you will improve your “Key Performance Indicators”.

Ask your customers what they think of you and what they want from you. Ask them what they hate and make sure it never happens.

Ask your team’s opinions; they often know how to do the job better.

When hiring, attitude is more important than job experience. You can teach people how to do the work but you can’t teach attitude.

Delegate but first set out what you want them to achieve and train them how to do it.

Value time as your most precious resource, do the important tasks (rather than just the urgent ones).

Plan your exit route well ahead by creating a business that works without you.

View problems such as a customer complaint as an opportunity to turn them into a raving fan of the business.

Believe in yourself and be passionate about what you are doing.

Use the 80:20 principle and direct your time and energy to the 20% of things that make an 80% difference.

Plan before you act, make sure the sums make sense.

When you have problems devise a system so that it doesn’t happen again.

Say no to commitments that aren’t important.

Set goals in writing and remind yourself of them regularly.

Take a firm stance on customer credit from day one. A customer who doesn’t pay is worse than no customer at all.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, under promise and over deliver!

Do things in a way that is dramatically different and compellingly attractive to the kind of customers that you want.

The single most important key to success is taking action.

One action you can take today is to call us to discover how the AVN Performance, Measurement and Improvement System can help you follow in the footsteps of the UK’s most successful businesses.