Government committed to small business – I think not!

So as my earlier posts have made clear, the government is now really starting to show its true commitment to small business.  Mr Cameron and his government have made so much noise about how important small business is to the economy yet:-

1.         They have abandoned their enterprise Czar and

2.         They have a small business economic forum that manages to meet for a whole hour and a half in October and then releases no further information about its activities and refuses to release the minutes.

3.         Furthermore, and as worrying, they have a small business economic forum that has virtually no representatives from small business, yet the agenda for the meeting talks about “agreement of terms of reference and agenda suggestions for the next meeting and for ongoing work programmes”.

The millions of small businesses up and down the land must be absolutely ecstatic and excited to know that a small business forum, set up in their name, with representatives with no knowledge of small business, is establishing terms of reference and agreeing an action plan and of course not telling anyone what the hell’s going on.