Forensic Accountants London

Westbury joined forces with leading forensic accountants Frenkels, creating London based, Frenkels Westbury. This joint venture provides a high level of forensic accountancy services to solicitors, insurance companies and other legal professionals.

  • Reviewing current financial evidence, providing suggestions for possible courses of action
  • Helping to obtain the required documentation to support or reject a claim
  • Analysing documentation obtained to give an initial opinion of the case and identify potential areas of loss
  • Reviewing the report prepared by the opposing expert forensic accountant and discussing the strengths and weakness of their report, and occasionally, but with increasing frequency, providing a statement of joint experts
  • Assistance with case conferences, negotiations and any settlement discussions that may take place
  • Attending meetings with counsel, attending court to hear and provide evidence as an expert witness.

Our forensic accountants London team offers expertise in all areas of forensic accountancy. This London based partnership can provide you with the solution you are looking for. We are proactive forensic accountants, auditors and investigators covering both civil and criminal assignments.

Acting for defendants, claimants and as single or joint experts we have a full understanding of economic theories, forensic analytics, electronic data collection, preparation and reporting.

By using a combination of accounting, investigative and legal skills we are experts at providing an accounting analysis that is suitable to the court, and will form the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution.

Frenkels Westbury is a team of pro-active risk reduction experts.

Whether a professional negligence claim, fraud or marital and family law, our auditors and advisors will present complex financial and business related issues in a manner which is both readily understandable and properly supported in a court of law.