Communications and the Alhambra Palace

An odd title you may think , but there is a link!

‘Communications’ is one of my hobby-horses. Indeed , in another blog on this site , I express my views about e-mail. In our personal and business lives, how we communicate with each other is critical to the tone and nature of our relationships.

Two weeks ago, my wife and I were in Spain soaking up history as we walked the streets of Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

Granada’s Alhambra Palace is one of the ‘must see’ historic sites in the World. Yet, from our experience, its ability to communicate properly with the hundreds of thousands of visitors it receives each year leaves a lot to be desired. Its website does not clearly explain how the booking system works and how the hours of visiting are limited. When you arrive at the site itself, the maps situated plentifully around the extensive grounds are difficult to follow , and travel guide books such as Dorling Kindersley’s give the impression that the Nasreed Palace is the only site to visit when, in fact, there are four building complexes.

We came across many tourists in Granada who were confused and needed assistance with their visit so here are our simple rules if you are planning a trip there (and we would highly recommend it):-

1. You have to book either the morning or afternoon session.

2. You will be given a fixed time , within that session ,to see the Nasreed Palace. You would do well to turn up 10 – 15 minutes beforehand.

3. You have to fit the other buildings around that and so you need to arrive early whether it be morning or afternoon. Once you get to the end of the morning or afternoon sessions, you will not be allowed in to two of the other buildings, specifically the Generalife (Country Estate) or the Alcazar castle, so you need to ensure that you have entered the last of the buildings you are planning to visit before the end of the session.

Sounds confusing – well, it is and the authorities in Spain have done nothing to make it any easier.

Very poor communications!