Changes to Companies House requirements

The confirmation statement replaces the annual return

As they did with the annual return, every UK company will need to file a confirmation statement at least once a year. While Companies House will still charge an annual fee (£13 for online filing and £40 for paper filing) for submitting a confirmation statement, companies can file statements as often as they like during the year if they want to update the information held on the public record.

Take note that the 28-day grace period has changed to 14 days.

There’s no longer a need to re-confirm information, like the names of shareholders, if it hasn’t changed at all in the year covered by the statement.

Companies must now report details of their Persons with Significant Control in the confirmation statement.

The Confirmation Statement is a 2 page form called a CS01. The Confirmation Statement Additional Information totals 28 pages and is called CS01 Additional Information. A company’s first Confirmation Statement must include all the following Additional Information:

  • Part 1 – SIC Code(s) for principal business activities
  • Part 2 – Statement of capital
  • Part 3 – Trading status of shares
  • Part 4 – Shareholder information
  • Part 5 – PSC information

Changes to Incorporations

On incorporation, a company will be required to:

  • state its principal business activities (SIC code) – The Standard Industrial Classification codes are prescribed for the purposes of identifying a company’s proposed business activities on incorporation
  • state whether or not the company has any persons of significant control and if so give those details
    • The law anticipates the company will know who their PSCs are on incorporation, if the company does not have any PSCs they must state this on incorporation
  • there will also be an option, for private companies only, to elect to keep certain statutory register information at Companies House – This may be of benefit to companies whose information does not change very often, however information that would not normally be available for public inspection will be available for public inspection, for example, directors full date of birth and members (shareholders) addresses.

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