family home allowance

The family home allowance

Not everyone’s a winner with the recently-introduced residence nil-rate band. Rising property prices have left more families being elevated to millionaire status and dealing with the inheritance tax (IHT) implications that come with it. The Treasury collected £4.6 billion from IHT in 2015/16, compared to £2.69 billion in 2010/11, to reflect a rising year-on-year trend. […]

How to incorporate the Lifetime ISA into your savings strategy.

The past few years have seen several innovations in the savings account market. Gone are the days when savers only had cash and stocks and shares ISAs to choose from. Nowadays you can open specialist accounts designed to help you save for your first home and for your retirement. These innovations have helped to position […]

Lifetime ISAs

A guide to the Lifetime ISA. Announced by Chancellor George Osborne in Budget 2016 and launching on 6 April 2017, the Lifetime ISA is designed to provide a tax-efficient option for people saving for a first home or retirement. Buying a first home and saving for retirement represent 2 of the most important aspects of […]

5 Essential Points On Estate Planning

A guide to making sure that your estate goes to the right people when you die. Effective estate planning ensures that your property and/or possessions go to the people you choose when you die. It can also be financially beneficial to the recipients of your estate as it can reduce the amount of tax paid […]

Succession planning for a family business

There are more than 3 million family businesses in the UK, which between them employ more than 9 million people and contribute 15% to GDP. Despite these successes, family businesses often experience difficulties when it comes to passing their businesses to younger generations. Research has found that only a third of family businesses are successfully […]

Strategic retirement financial planning and bridging the gap

The retirement planning strategy you should adopt will depend on how close you are to retirement. Someone in their 50s, with retirement looming on the horizon, should generally be looking to minimise risk and thinking about their current lifestyle. Someone in their 20s, with a myriad of other financial concerns, may simply decide to try […]

The importance of saving for your retirement

It should be apparent that saving is an incredibly important part of the retirement planning process. While pension funds are tax-efficient ways to fund your retirement, there are other options for those looking to maximise their savings. ISAs Cash ISAs do not charge tax on the interest earned from savings, allowing savers in the basic […]