What’s in a name

I’ve got a lot to thank my parents for and I am sure (hope) that I remind them of this continually. However, there is one thing that perhaps they didn’t think through so carefully and that was the name they gave me. Whilst I myself don’t really have a problem with the name, it would […]

Banks Again (Number 2,461)

Hardly a day goes by without the banks being in the news for something or other.  Last week, we started with the government’s second bail out on the Monday swiftly followed with immaculate timing by RBS’s spectacular presentation of the worst results in UK corporate history.   Despite my support for this government, its got […]

When did bonuses for success become bonuses for failure?

Driving to work today I was, as usual, listening to John Humphries on BBC Radio 4 as he interviewed his latest victim – this time Vyette Cooper , Chief Secretary to The Treasury. She,  like the Government, had jumped onto the bandwagon (or maybe they in fact created it ) calling for all city bonuses […]

Scolari and Leadership

I am a die hard Chelsea fan.  So it was with a certain degree of surprise that I heard the news that the manager, the world renowned former Brazilian World Cup  Manager , had been sacked after just 7 months in post. But it should not have been a surprise.  Chelsea started the season on […]

Be Positive

As some of you may know, I have spent most of February in South America.  On my travels through Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, it is no surprise that some of my conversations with taxi drivers, in restaurants, at hotels and just with people we met was on the subject of the global economic downturn. It […]

How do you feel about politicians running banks

On my recent travels, I met a number of educated Americans who were somewhat concerned about their government’s involvement in the banking sector.  As with our situation here, a number of major banking institutions have now effectively been nationalised and as one American put it to me, would you really want these politicians running your […]

They’re digging up the road again

They are digging up the road again outside my office.  Apart from the noise, dust and traffic disruption, all of which are a real pain, it causes me personally great irritation and annoyance particularly with the knowledge that this is about the 5th time they have dug up this section of road in the last […]

Banks again No. 4,672

Last Sunday’s papers contained a number of articles and letters  about the new government loan guarantee schemes or at least the existing schemes and how they are being implemented by the banks.  The letters, in particular, were almost unanimous in their criticism of the banks, and for that matter the government, for lording a scheme […]

Banks again and again

There is an email doing the rounds at the moment a variation of which I have seen over the years.  Nevertheless, it still makes me chuckle.  Entitled “economic models explained – an update”, it uses the example of 2 cows to amusingly explain different political and economic systems and country stereotypes.  So, for an explanation […]

Lehmans again

An earlier posting in the wake of the Lehman’s failure criticises the insolvency sector and in particular Price Waterhouse Coopers(PwC) for its ability to rack up huge bills without proper policing.  The posting also suggested that it was almost immoral that in the light of the banking failures generally, a group of prosperous accountants were […]