Critical business information in real time

Every successful business has its finger on the pulse. You need to know the key numbers.  Not the numbers in last year’s accounts; they’re out of date.  Redundant. You need today’s numbers. And that’s where your cloud accounting system comes in.  If you don’t have a cloud accounting system this blog will explain the benefits […]

How secure is your business data?

People around the world are worried about the security of their personal data, with the big companies, be they internet giants like Google and Facebook or supermarkets like Tesco (through Clubcard) rushing to show they are not abusing their power when it comes to voluminous data they have collected from us. But data privacy and […]

Cloud Accounting, what is it and why should you use it? (Video)

Nicola Pearson explains what cloud accounting is and why you should be using it in your business. To find out more, you can read Nicola’s blog post on Cloud Accounting. Nicola Pearson – Partner Westbury Accountants and Business Advisors is an accountancy practice based in London. Westbury have been providing Accounting and Tax solutions to […]

Surfing at work

I recently read a report, or a summary of a report at least, by the CBI on web surfing at work. Apparently, on average, employees spend 90 minutes of the working week surfing the web for matters of a non-work nature. My first reaction was “is that all?” Let’s face it, that’s less than 20 […]

Spam, Spam and more Spam

For most of us, spam in our inbox has been an occupational hazard for many years. It just seems whatever you do; there is just no way of avoiding it. A recent study in America showed that across the whole internet, 98% of emails sent are spam. The research went on to say that if […]

I admit it….. I have a love-hate relationship with e-mail

I admit it…..I have a love-hate relationship with e-mail. I love the ability to communicate with people from anywhere around the world with the relative certainty that they will receive my communication almost immediately. I love the ability to carry on a ‘conversation’ with someone possibly at great distance, at virtually no cost. I love […]

Typing Shortcuts And Tips on Using Word

Following on from our very successful blog post “7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know!”, we have a few more tips and shortcuts for you. On the top right-hand corner of a Word document below the toolbars can be found an icon which, when you hover the mouse over it, reads; “View Ruler“. Clicking on […]