The secret to good bookkeeping – and keeping your accountant happy!

1 – Always keep on top of your bookkeeping entries. Its Friday, it’s nearly the weekend and finally time to relax. But don’t go leaving the office just yet. Have you posted your bookkeeping entries for the week? Just think how much nicer your Monday morning will be without having all those invoices in that […]

Three Useful Sage Reports

In this blog I will outline three very useful Sage reports to assist you and your business. 1. Aged Debtors This report can be found by clicking the reports button in the Customer module. These reports and especially the aged debtors (detailed) are very good for credit control.  They will not only show which customers […]

3 Benefits To Your Business From Good Bookkeeping

When being briefed before starting work on a new audit or set of accounts one of the first questions I always ask is – who does the bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is the process of recording all the day to day transactions of a business. The reason I ask this question so early is because good bookkeeping […]

A Suggested Bookkeeping Work Plan

Good bookkeeping is an on-going process and with numerous tasks that need completing it can be hard to know what do, when and how often to do it. So here is a suggested work plan for bookkeeping. Daily Tasks Allocate payments against supplier invoices Allocate receipts against customer invoices Record new invoices raised to customers […]