The mysterious techniques of artists

If like me you are passionate about art but confused by much of it and particularly by the mystery of the techniques used by artists then read on. It’s not so much the materials used for example Banksy’s use of walls or Rachel Whiteread’s inverted objects but more the different techniques used by painters. Many are […]

Will My Art Live On? How to create your legacy

What will happen to my art after my death? How can I ensure my family benefit from my lifelong work? Will my art retain its value? Who will manage my collection? These and others are the sort of questions that we are being asked increasingly by our many artist clients. Of course, there are many […]

Art Dealers and the VAT Margin Scheme

The VAT Margin Scheme is available for use by VAT-registered businesses who buy and sell second-hand goods, works of art and other collectables. Provided certain conditions are met, the seller of such goods need charge (and pay to HMRC) VAT only on the difference between the purchase or acquisition cost of the work in question […]

Business is an Art and Art is Business (Video)

Keith Graham, Managing Partner at Westbury discusses 6 common business issues facing Art Dealers. Keith Graham – Partner Westbury Accountants and Business Advisors is an accountancy practice based in London. Westbury have been providing Accounting and Tax solutions to small and medium sized businesses since 1936. Talk to the team at Westbury on 0207 253 […]

When Does Your Art Hobby Become an Art Business?

You start off with an interest in art, perhaps going to your local evening classes and painting the odd still life or male model.  A friend likes some of your work and buys it from you.  Your local church runs a fundraiser and a couple of your works sell, so for the first time you cover the costs of […]

5 Best sites to buy Art online

We’ve sorted through the best and worst, and come up with the 5 best websites to buy great artwork online. Mini Gallery Mini Gallery enables you to buy art direct from the talented artist who created the artwork. There is a wide range of original one off pieces of art as well as fine art prints […]

Are There Profitable Art Dealerships?

The short answer is, of course, yes.  But there are many more – I would suggest the vast majority – which are not.  Over many years as an adviser to businesses of all shapes and sizes, I have experienced the problems that face businesses on a daily basis.  But increasingly in the past few years […]

Vivid Light exhibition

Thursday the 6th of February saw a cold, rainy night of travel dilemmas for most Londoners but for a precious few there was the warmth of Allan Forsyth’s solo exhibition opening at the Gallery Elena Shchukina.  The bold colours and delicate palettes of Forsyth’s pieces perfectly complemented the bespoke designer furniture chosen by the curator […]

Damien Hirst Hits the Spot

The spot in question is Newport Street in Vauxhall, the site, according to the Observer, where he will be opening his own public gallery some time in 2014. Of course, like him or not, we can expect to see plenty of his ‘spots’ works as well as works by Banksy, Jeff Koons and Francis Bacon. Meanwhile, Tate Modern […]