A Simple Tip To Improve Your Productivity

Do you ever go into work with every intention of clearing your to-do-list that is forever getting longer? Me too! Or rather I used to.

I have learnt to deal with this by scheduling in regular appointments on my calendar.  These are not meetings, but simply tasks that I have to work on.  When my colleagues see that there is an appointment in my calendar then I am not to be disturbed – no phone calls – nothing. This gives me an opportunity to get things done and keep on top of things otherwise I will get swamped with my ever increasing to-do-list.

This is not easy, especially for others who work with you, but it is important to train them that whatever it is they need you for can wait. And the best way to do this is to ensure that the “do not disturb” time period is fixed everyday.

To make it easier for your colleagues to understand, include them in your plans and try it out for a week.

Sonal Thakkar – Audit Team

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