7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know!

Lets face it we all use keyboards and could benefit from learning a few shortcuts that make our lives a little simpler.

Here are seven useful shortcuts from one of our very efficient secretaries.

There are numerous keyboard shortcuts which could ease your task of typing a Word document quite considerably.  For those unfamiliar with these, here are seven to begin practising:-

  • Ctrl + A – selects and highlights the whole document.
  • Ctrl + B – emboldens any highlighted word/s or document.
  • Ctrl + C – copies the highlighted section.
  • Ctrl + D – shows the font choices.
  • Ctrl + E – centres words as you type or highlighted sections.
  • Ctrl + F – finds a word or words.
  • Ctrl + Z – undoes your previous action.

There are alternatives to the above examples, but these are good to remember in order to cut down your typing time and use of your poor exhausted mouse or the touchpad on your laptop.

Maureen Lock – Secretary

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