7 simple steps to improve staff morale

As a business owner, do you find that that sometimes your staff lack morale? If you do, you must remedy this as soon as possible, as this would have a direct impact on the running of your business. After all, people spend most of their time at work, so it is important that they are looked after.

By following these simple steps, your staff will be happier and in turn this will improve your business productivity:

  1. Hold regular staff meetings, listen to them, and address any issues they have.
  2. Give them incentives to work harder, for instance by introducing performance related bonuses.
  3. Encourage your staff to progress in your business.
  4. Let them know that their efforts have been appreciated – a simple thanks does wonders.
  5. Offer flexible hours, or even allow staff to work from home – this is especially useful for mothers.
  6. Introduce dress down day every Friday.
  7. Treat your staff, whether that be cakes, drinks after work, or even the occasional lunch.

By following these simple steps, you will soon see a happier team. After all, your staff are your firm’s greatest asset!

Sonal Thakkar – Supervisor

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