5 Reasons to Appoint an Accountant to Prepare Your Tax Return

It’s January, Christmas is well and truly over and HMRC is busily reminding us that our Tax Returns are due for submission by the end of the month. Everyone has good intentions that next year will be different but as usual it’s all been left to the last minute. So why not think about appointing an accountant now and next year it will be someone else’s problem. If that is not enough then 5 more good reasons to appoint an accountant:

  1. Save time – we all need more time and this is one way to get it. How you choose to spend that time is up to you; extra time playing with your children; extra time spent working on your business, not in it, to really add value; extra time at the gym/on the golf course – the choice is yours.
  2. Save money – can you honestly say that you are confident that you are doing everything legally possible to make sure that your tax bill is as low as possible? That is what accountants do every day so why not leave it to the experts.
  3. Reduce stress – you will no longer be tearing your hair out trying to get to grips with the HMRC online filing software which keeps crashing because countless other tax payers are also trying to file their tax return at 10:30 pm on 31 January.
  4. Peace of mind – no more worrying about whether or not you have put the figure in the right box and come to think of it was it the right figure to use in the first place….
  5. All your tax questions answered – once you have appointed an accountant we are there at the end of the phone or on email, all year round to answer your tax questions. As reported in the national press a few weeks ago – The great HMRC telephone rip-off. HMRC can be incredibly hard to get hold of so try talking to us instead.

Nicola Pearson – Partner

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