3 Benefits of having a sociable company

summer team building event

Business owners are generally aware of the beneficial elements that a Social Committee can have on staff. In brief – it creates a sense of workplace solidarity through group activities of various forms. At Westbury, this is anything from charity events to comedy nights. Having a Social Committee can complement the work of the HR department within an office. My team aims to keep morale at a high and inject a little energy into our environment.

  • Improved Staff Motivation Aiding Productivity
    Simple things such as having in-house staff lunches or fortnightly drinks make employees feel more valued. They will hopefully feel that they are getting recognition for all the hard work they put in. In theory, a little appreciation goes a long way and efficiency will increase.
  • Cohesion of Staff Creates a Well-Oiled Machine
    A Social Committee can work as an engagement driver. Work produced will often improve if people gauge a better understanding of different departments and really get to know each other as individuals. If everyone is on the same page, they will be working towards a shared goal rather than viewing their respective role in isolation.
  • Recruitment Value and Low Staff Turnover
    A question often posed at interviews by prospective candidates is ‘What’s the work culture like here?’ For young people the sociability of a firm is often a strong selling point. From the recruiters perspective it also gives an idea of whether they will be a good fit, an all-rounder and a team-player.

The involvement of a Social Committee demonstrates strong communication between employers and employees. If the company is willing to invest in its staff and employees are willing to contribute time, trust is displayed. This type of relationship adds to corporate values, which makes up the fabric of a business.

Rehana Khan – Head of Social Committee

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